10 things that I love this month

January hasn’t been a great month for me (that is the legendary British understatement just in case you are reading this from elsewhere!). But I thought I’d focus on the positives and share some of the things that have been inspiring me this month.

  1. Art: Pre-Raphaelite Sisters, art exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery London – I’m a huge Pre-Raphaelite fan and so it was great to visit this. It has now closed but you can still buy the book.
  2. Art: Julia Fullerton-Batten’s portrait of Seema Kennedy. I’ve loved this ever since I first saw it online and so whilst I was at the NPG I went to see it in person and it didn’t disappoint.
  3. Costume: My new Game of Thrones costume book. As a GOT fan still mourning the end of the TV show, who loves costumes and sewing, this really is awesome. So it was a lovely surprise when it arrived as a gift!  As a result, I have new aspirations that exceed my sewing abilities so I must try harder!
  4. Music: Where my heart belongs, The Weak Need
  5. Music: The Other Side, Ruelle
  6. Editing: Anjelica Hyde’s photoshop actions. I love playing around with actions and these are some of my favourites.  I tried out some of them I haven’t used before on this image.
  7. Books: Wheel of Time, fantasy book series, it is my third read of this series; yes I am a bit of a fantasy geek.
  8. Flowers: I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted several lots of beautiful flowers over the last month or two and it is inspiring to have them around brightening up the place. Definitely something I want to include more in my pictures this year.
  9. Art: #promotingpassionchallenge I’m loving seeing lots of fabulous work in my Instagram feed from this.
  10. Inspiration for this: Brooke Shaden’s 10 things I love list. It gave me the idea of writing this to remind myself of all the good things this month!

What is inspiring you now? Let me know.


I don’t get anything out of any recommendations on here. There are no affiliate links and nobody gave me something so I’d mention it.  It is not complicated, I’m just sharing some things I like!

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