Competition or not?

I’ve been pondering a casual comment made to me this week about other fine art photographers being the competition. On one level I guess we do compete with each other and the wider art community for space in galleries and exhibitions, funding and development opportunities. I’m not sure we do so for sales in the same way though.

One of my favourite quotes about art is“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”, Jerzy Kosiński

I believe that in most cases people buy fine art because they feel a real connection to it, it is emotional. That’s not to say they can’t appreciate the craftsmanship that’s gone into a piece but this is about something far stronger. So are we artists competing for the same sale? Only theoretically I feel because for the buyer it is not a choice between picture A or picture B. Picture B is likely to have never been in contention and it is between A or nothing. Well, that’s my take on it anyway!

So why is this relevant? Well, I recently set up a fine art photographers’ group for people from the UK and Ireland on Facebook. It is going from strength to strength. We’re sharing lots of resources, opportunities and advice there. So if you are a photographer interested in or practising fine art please do come and join us, it’s a friendly bunch!

Paying it forward

Part of my thinking in setting up the group was about paying it forward. I’ve benefited a lot from advice and support from others. In turn, I wanted to share the things I’ve found out on my journey so far in turn.  Another reason was wanting to be around people doing similar things to me, experiencing the same challenges and successes. I want to learn from and be supported by others too. I couldn’t find anywhere to do this so I created the space for it. And no, I don’t think of the other members as my competition. Instead, I hope that together we can create a bigger space and higher profile for fine art photography in the UK and Ireland.

Feeling loved

In other news for me, it has been a week of feeling loved.  My work went into Batley Art Gallery for an exhibition starting tomorrow and I was notified that I’ve had work accepted into Mytholmroyd Art Festival in October. If you are in Yorkshire please do check out the exhibitions.

I had a fabulous shoot last weekend and this is one of the shots from it. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more soon. I’ve also had lovely comments this week from two other photographers who are close friends about feeling supported by me. We don’t see each other as competition either but rather an integral part of each other’s support networks. It is a great place to be when you have people around supporting you and cheering you on. It is great to be able to the same for them too. Thanks as well to everyone who got in touch after my last blog to talk about photography and art, I love to hear your thoughts on my musings!

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