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Telling stories and letting your characters go

princess in a forest clearing leaning down to smell daisiesI have had so much going on recently that I will update on soon. But today is all about telling stories and those of fire and ice in particular. I’ve been very inspired by Game of Thrones but I doubt that is much of a surprise. I love epic costumes, fabulous embroidery, crowns and pretty much everything about fantasy. Therefore, a love affair was inevitable!  So I’ve been rather sad that its the final episode – no spoilers don’t worry.

After eight seasons I feel like I’m saying goodbye to old friends as the characters head off to their future without me.  When I finish an image and send it out into the world I sometimes have the same sense of mingled loss and excitement.

Telling Stories

When I create an image I envisage a character and a story, even if I never share them with anyone. I get to spend a lot of time with my characters whilst shooting and then editing images.  Then I send them off into the world when I share the final picture with others.  Once out there they have a life of their own because of course, we have no control over how others perceive our work. I find that both exciting and scary!

I love that people find their own stories in my images and it is great to hear about these.  I’m often surprised by the similarities and differences in what people take from them and the emotions they evoke.

Telling stories in a single frame can be challenging but it is very rewarding.  I think about how every aspect of an image can work together to create one cohesive piece.  Styling, location, model, expression, colours, textures and so much more have to come together.

There is often a lot of planning involved and I’ll talk more about what goes into a shoot another time.  However, there is also a lot of me in my images.  Hopes, dreams and fears all go into the process of creating and sharing my work.  So today I have real sympathy for the writers of GOT who despite all their talent for telling stories were never going to be able to please all of us.


RIP GOT, I’ve loved having your around. I plan to enjoy the reruns for a long time to come (and the rest of the books when they finally arrive!). I’m sure I will be continuing to pay a personal tribute to the wonderful visuals through my work over the coming months. Now if anyone knows where I can find a dragon I’ve got a great dress and crown that would be just perfect for the shot…