A Lovely Month

Looking for Love

Well, I have to admit to being sad to say goodbye to February, a month in which I definitely felt the love!

Talking of love, I wanted to share this new image ‘Looking for Love’. This is from one of a number of great shoots I had in February. I will be sharing more from those with you soon.

I hope those of you who follow me on Instagram have been enjoying my occasional light-hearted series on Instagram stories. A key topic for February was what stylish princesses are wearing under their ballgowns this season. For those that didn’t see it, jogging bottoms and trainers were definitely trending!


I was delighted that Wishing was, accepted into the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA) Photo Prize 2019 exhibition.  It runs until 9th March 2019 so there is still time to visit and there is some really interesting work on display.

It was great to get to have the chance to kick off the exhibition tour a few weeks ago talking about my work. As well as talking specifically about Wishing I also touched on how I create images and fine art photography in general.


As with a lot of my work Wishing is heavily influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites and intentionally edited to have a more painterly feel. The photograph was taken last year whilst the trees were still very green. My Autumn look comes primarily from the post-processing. I love that it has a feel of an earlier time but it shows an emotion that is universal and timeless.

What is she wishing for? That I leave to your imagination…


I really enjoyed hearing the other artists who were chosen to take part in the Photo Prize tour talking about their work. It is great to hear what inspires others to create and I think we all approached the talk from slightly different perspectives.

I want to say a big thank you to the RBSA and Argentea Gallery and all their team for staging a great exhibition and tour.  A particular thanks to the lovely gentleman who was organising the pictures when they were delivered. He made my day when he referred to my work as the “lovely Pre-Raphaelite pictures”. I love it when others also see what influences my work.

Thanks also to the Birmingham Photography Festival for the mention in their newsletter along with fellow Photo Prize exhibitor and fellow speaker at last year’s festival Kris Askey.  In keeping with the theme of love, do go and share some by checking out his work. He takes some great portraits and street shots.

Thanks also to Igers Worcestershire for making Wishing their picture of the day earlier this week.

Ending the Month on a High Note

A great month throughout, February has concluded with more good news. I’m really pleased that one of my images will soon be exhibited at the PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont, USA. ‘Racing the Sunset’ has been selected for the upcoming Altered Realities exhibition curated by Brooke Shaden.  Brooke has been a big inspiration so I was particularly delighted to be selected for this exhibition.

Well, that was February, March you have a lot to live up to!  I hope you had lots of love in February too.

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