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create story vulnerability woman doorway balloon windowI’ve been a bit quiet recently but I’ve been using the time to reflect on my work and taking part in few weeks of ‘creativity practice’.  I’m not sure what I expected from it beyond getting another perspective.  However it has meant asking lots of questions of myself about the work I create and why I do it.  Now I’m approaching the end I thought it was time to share some of my thoughts here with a blog or two.

Historically I would not have described myself as creative, after all I failed art at school and don’t even recall being that keen on doing it!  However, since taking up photography I’ve discovered a hitherto unknown creative side to myself.

Telling Stories

My images feeling like they have a story behind them is important to me as is making the observer experience an emotion.  For me the story I have in my head is often one that comes from a fairy tale or other fantasy work.  However, everyone’s will be different even though we are viewing the same image.  I’m always fascinated to hear the stories that people take from my work and the feelings it evokes.

Stories are definitely what drew me into this type of photography.  Largely self-taught I have experimented with a few different genres but photographing people was the first one that really gelled for me.  Photography is very much just part of the process though. Increasingly post processing is where the images really evolve and I talked before about whether I consider myself a photographer or an artist. Sometimes my images seem to have a mind of their own; they become something completely different to what I had in mind when they were taken, but more of that another time.  Sometimes I just can’t create what I’m aiming for but that happens less and less. Practise may never deliver perfection but its helped a lot!

So why do I create?

I’ve mulled this over a lot over the last few weeks and concluded that there is no one answer but instead a lot.  Here are a few of them; I create because:

  • I enjoy it;
  • I enjoy others enjoying my work;
  • I like to challenge myself to create something I have in my head;
  • I want to create something better than I have done so far;
  • I can lose myself in the process; and
  • I can.

I’ve chosen the image to share with this blog as for me it is one about vulnerability.  It seemed appropriate because when we create something we invest ourselves in it.  When we share what we have invested in we make ourselves vulnerable.

I’ll be sharing more from my creativity practice over the coming weeks.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about my work or your own creativity as you #createyourstory.  Please get in touch using the comments below or connect with me on Instagram or facebook if you prefer.  Sign up for my mailing list if you’d like to hear from me occasionally about things like new blogs and images.

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